Online Adoption Ads with Google

Google Adoption Ads

Adoption Online Advertising With GoogleAs great as your adoption profile may be, if the right expectant parents don’t see it, it doesn’t matter.

Today’s generation of expectant parents are looking for adoptive parents online. Our online adoption advertising campaigns place your adoption ads in front of expectant parents at the exact time they are exploring adoption and looking for adoptive parents.

Our Campaign Creation Service and Campaign Management Service encompass all of the activities portrayed in this graphic.

There are 4 main benefits of pursuing online adoption advertising through us:


We place our adoption ads through Google’s network because Google commands nearly 3x the U.S. search volume of its nearest competitor.


Unlike print advertising and most forms of online advertising where ads are shown to a general audience, our adoption ads display ONLY to people who search on terms that we believe expectant parents considering adoption are likely to search on.


Through geographic targeting, your adoption ads display to Internet searchers located in just the U.S. states you want. You can also set and change your advertising budget at any time.


We’ve managed more than $250,000 in advertising spend and analyze the data we get back from our campaigns to continually optimize our overall strategy, as well as each individual campaign. No one has this level of experience.

Adoption Advertising Services

Due to the constant change in search habits and the need to analyze data to optimize your campaign, it is critical that when you create an online campaign you also monitor it and make adjustments to it to get the most out of your investment. This is why we offer a Campaign Creation Service and two separate Campaign Management Services.


  • Google advertising account and campaign structure
  • 10-20+ personalized adoption ads
  • Hundreds of positive and negative keywords
  • Targeted only in the states you want
  • $100 credit during your first month (based on availability of Google Promotions)

Campaign Management:
6 Months

  • Continually monitor and manage campaign to maximize results
  • Adjust keywords and ad copy, as needed
  • Adjust bid strategy and bid amounts
  • Monthly dashboard so you can easily track your campaign
  • Purchase 6 months at once and save 16% off the monthly rate

Campaign Management:

  • Continually monitor and manage campaign to maximize results
  • Cut and add keywords and ad copy as needed
  • Adjust bid strategy and bid amounts
  • Monthly dashboard so you can easily track your campaign
  • Purchase a month at a time or multiple months at once

How Adoption Advertising With Google Works

Imagine that someone is experiencing an unplanned pregnancy and turns to Google to explore their options. They search on “putting my baby up for adoption.” As you can see from the real example below, Google’s search results page includes paid advertisements, including ads that we placed for adopting parents, above and to the right of the organic search results.

Online Adoption Ads - Google


The beauty of online adoption advertising is that we can display your adoption ads to the right audience at just the right time. As you can see from this image, we can also compete well against agencies, attorneys, and facilitators with much deeper pockets.

We create pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns which means that you only pay Google for each click and not the thousands of times Google displays your ad. The monthly cost for your campaign will never exceed the monthly budget you set.

We decided to hire Hal to develop and manage our Google campaign ad for adoption when the agency we were with was taking longer to match us then we had expected. We could not have been more pleased with our decision; thanks to Hal’s campaign development we were contacted and matched with our birthmother in just under two months. Our son was born five weeks later and our adoption was finalized yesterday (six months later)! Hal was always professional and pleasant to work with. I can’t recall ever having any difficulty reaching him via phone or email. We will definitely be working with Hal again in the near future.

Solana and her husband adopted their son after advertising for less than 2 months

Thank you! It was all thanks to your advertising. The birth father actually spoke into his phone inquiring about adoptive parents through Google and our ad was near the bottom of the page. He called us in the beginning of June and then he called with his girlfriend a few weeks later.

We can’t begin to thank you enough for helping us fulfill all our dreams. And just so you know, however you tweaked the campaign recently was incredible. I received 2 calls yesterday interested in us and have been getting many more these past 2 months.

This couple adopted twin girls after advertising for 6 weeks

Well after two years with an agency and a year with a lawyer, it was seven weeks with you that got us matched up! Our son’s birth mother told us that she Googled “loving family in Maryland looking to adopt” and said we kept coming up first in the search.

Jay & Alvin ran their campaign for 7 weeks

Working with Hal is a pleasure. He is very honest and sincere. My wife and I felt comfortable with him from our initial discussions. We never felt pressured and always felt that he had our budget and goals in mind. I would recommend Hal’s services to any waiting family who wishes to give their adoption profile more exposure.

Rocco & Jaime

Thanks to Hal and My Adoption Advisor we were able create a new website and run an online ad campaign. We reached a birthmom halfway across the country in 3 months and she placed a beautiful baby boy with us. When we asked her what she liked about the site she mentioned how inviting and warm it was.

Thanks Hal and My Adoption Advisor!

Chris & Jim ran their campaign for 3 months

Hey Hal! You can officially take us off your list! (for now anyway – if we adopt again we will definitely use your help). We brought home our beautiful daughter yesterday and are loving every minute! Her birthmother told us she found us through our ad and contacted our agency to request us. This would not have been possible without you!

Thank you SO much!

Emily & Rob ran their campaign for 7 1/2 months

Please review Google’s Disclosure Notice for Working with Third-Party Partners.