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Online Adoption Training Courses

Adoption Training CoursesOur adoption training courses go well beyond simply sharing information. They help you develop the skills you need to increase your chances for a faster and safer adoption. We focused our courses on the areas that you have control over and that can have the greatest impact on your ability to succeed. We also focused on the topics often missed by adoption agencies and attorneys. All of this means that you get tremendous value from your investment.

  1. The Current Generation of Expectant Parents: Learn what drives someone to make an adoption plan and what’s unique about today’s generation of expectant parents.
  2. The WHAT and HOW of Adoption Profiles: Learn what to do and what NOT to do and create an adoption profile that stands out from the rest.
  3. Adoption Advertising & Networking: Create your very own outreach plan and connect more quickly with the right birth parents.
  4. Tips for Talking with Expectant Parents: Be prepared for that first call or email, the match meeting, the time in the hospital, and much more.
  5. Identify Red Flags & Avoid Adoption Scams: Learn to identify the warning signs and take action when something just isn’t right.
Watch the courses whenever and wherever you have Internet access and as many times as you wish for up to 6 months. Download the other course materials and keep them forever.


Adoption Profile Services

Adoption Profile ServicesYour adoption profile is the most important part of this entire process because it’s the lens through which potential birth parents will get to know you. You MUST put your best foot forward because you never get a second chance to make a first impression.

Profile Feedback

Get honest, direct, and practical feedback from someone who doesn’t know you and has a critical eye for profiles – just like potential birth parents do.

Profile Design

We’ll walk you through everything, provide tons of feedback along the way, and then professionally design your profile.

Website Development

Today’s generation of expectant parents is online learning about adoption and looking for adopting parents. We can create the web presence you need.


Adoption Advertising Services

Adoption Advertising ServicesAfter you have an amazing profile you must get it in front of as many potential birth parents as possible. It’s all about exposure. Your agency or attorney may show your profile to potential birth parents, but you shouldn’t put all of your eggs in that one basket. This is just too important.

Online Ads

Our online advertising services get you in front of expectant parents considering adoption at the exact moment they are researching adoption and looking for adopting parents.

Print Ads

Although the Internet has obviously affected the classifieds business, adoption newspaper ads still work in many parts of the country.

For adoption attorneys and agencies, we also offer Website Development Services to ensure your website is optimized for mobile use, search engines, and your clients, as well as our Partner Program so you and your clients can benefit from discounts on our services.