Partner Program

There is no cost to join the Partner Program and your adopting parents get 15% off the prices you see on our website.

Is it taking the adopting parents you work with longer than they and you want to adopt an infant?Are more expectant parents contacting you having already identified adopting parents?Are you stretching limited resources beyond their capacity and outside of their areas of expertise?Do you want to provide complementary adoption services to your adopting parents at a discount?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, then learn more about our Partner Program.

My Adoption Advisor is a leading provider of on-demand adoption training courses and consulting services that help adopting parents target their efforts on the strategies that really make a difference.

  1. Our training programs are skill-based sessions where participants come away with actionable skills to improve their chances for a faster adoption with the right birth family.
  2. Our professional, one-to-one coaching and graphic design services for adoption profiles and websites, as well as our unique expertise and services in the areas of adoption networking and advertising, allow us to serve the needs of people pursuing domestic infant adoption.

MAA Partner Program

We designed the MAA Partner Program with simplicity in mind. We give you what you need to successfully market the services and then we handle all registration, communication, and service delivery. Adopting parents can pay us directly or we can invoice you after they register. The choices are yours.

In all cases, the MAA Partner Program delivers valuable, discounted services to your families while allowing you to distinguish your organization from others. Let us be an extension of your core services.

How It Works

We’ll work together to create a package of training courses and/or consulting services that can best meet the needs of your adopting parents. If the “package” is simply one course, then that’s great, but many of our custom packages include a combination of online courses and profile and advertising services.

What We Provide

Coupon Code. You may share the coupon code with the adopting parents who are using your services. If you prefer that they pay for the services, then they use the coupon code to receive 15% off their purchase. If you prefer that we invoice you directly, then we’ll extend the same discount to you.

Flyers and/or Website Page. At no cost to you we will create an electronic flier that you can use to promote the services. We can also create a page on our website, such as, to simplify communication, purchasing, and payment.

HTML Code. Many of our partners market the services directly from their website. We provide everything you need, including the HTML code.

What You Do

Promote It. That’s it!

Again, there is no cost to you to join this program.

Please contact us to learn more about our services and the MAA Partner Program, sign up for the Partner Program, or sample our online courses.


I completed all the training courses and wanted to let you know that I really enjoyed them. I especially thought that The WHAT and HOW of Adoption Profiles course would be helpful for adoptive couples. It was interesting to compare our profiles after your training to see what tips the couples picked up from your training.

I also really liked the first training, Understanding the Current Generation of Expectant Parents. This was helpful to me as an adoption Social Worker, as well! Adoption has changed so much over the years. It was a good reminder to think about the differences of today’s generation even though I’m not much older than many birth parents.

Thanks for all the work you put into this! It’s a great resource for our families.

Sarah Pregnancy, Parenting, and Adoption Social Worker

Our adoptive families have described the networking & advertising training as full of ‘interesting ideas,’ ‘very motivational,’ and ‘very helpful.’

Laura Teeter Family Specialist, Adoptions Together

The information you share is so important. During the training you really motivated the families to get going and create their own luck.

Marc Arneson Adoption Services Coordinator, The Cradle

When families hear you talk about creating opportunities for luck to find them, how can they not be inspired to do outreach?

Rachel Walstad Sr. Program Manager, Lutheran Social Service of Minnesota

Thirty years of experience enables me to say that My Adoption Advisor is a source of helpful information that will give potential adopters the knowledge and confidence that they can do this. The step-by-step approach of the online training coupled with the personalized services will enable adopters to be proactive instead of waiting for something to happen.

Harvey Schweitzer Adoption Attorney at the Law Offices of Schweitzer & Scherr, LLC

Hal Kaufman’s My Adoption Advisor training and consulting firm is an excellent resource for adoption agencies.

We contracted with Hal to deliver an onsite Adoption Outreach Workshop based on his courses. We really liked the concept of empowering and motivating adoptive families to take a more active role in the adoption process and have less time waiting for an adoption to happen.

We were really pleased with the workshop and follow up. Hal was excellent to work with, was always affable and accessible, and he delivered a quality program.

Valerie Strauss Cunningham Adoption Director, Catholic Charities Diocese of Winona

One of our families said that your training provided a nice ‘roadmap and framework’ to start the networking process. They were feeling stuck because they didn’t know how to get started, but now they feel like they do. They especially liked the ideas around social networking sites, adoption cards, and handing out profiles.

You do a great job instilling excitement in the adoptive families and helping them see that this is a doable task.

Emily Maxwell Match Specialist, The Cradle

The adoption referral business has dramatically changed in the Internet era. Our clients often seek agencies after connecting with an adoptive family. Even with all the marketing and advertising we do as an agency, our families can multiply their potential matches exponentially by doing comprehensive outreach.

The services offered by My Adoption Advisor demystify outreach efforts and give families a positive focus while also making them successful adopters. We now require our families to do outreach and to take the training offered by My Adoption Advisor. Wherever their match occurs, we can offer ongoing support and advice and are delighted to see them adopt more quickly than they might if they simply wait for us to generate the referrals.

Susan Ogden Domestic Infant Program Director, Adoptions Together

I have had the pleasure of meeting with Hal several times and attending a workshop and viewing one of his online courses. I have been a professional in adoption for more than 20 years and an adoptive parent for more than 40 years. With all I know about adoption and the adoption process I still learned new things from Hal through both his workshop and course.

Barbara Wentz Adoption and Pregnancy Counseling Supervisor at Catholic Charities Southwestern Ohio

My Adoption Advisor’s outreach approach has enabled us to bring a true empowerment philosophy into our adoption services work. Our adoptive families don’t wait with us anymore; they work with us…as active, engaged partners in the adoption process.

We are very pleased with our collaboration with My Adoption Advisor and the positive changes that it has brought to our agency and to the people who come to us for services.

Beth Schwartz Executive Director of Jewish Family Service of Cincinnati and Adoption Connection