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We wanted to let you know that we successfully adopted a baby girl over the holiday and we’re ecstatic!! THANK YOU so much for all of your help and perseverance. It WAS Google keywords that ended up making this happen. The mother told us that she Googled “adopting parents” and our site was on top of the list!! So we couldn’t have done it without you!! She was born Christmas Day and we brought her home on Friday 12/28. It was whirlwind, but successful and I couldn’t have asked for a better Christmas present!

Brandi & Gavin

I completed all the training courses and wanted to let you know that I really enjoyed them. I especially thought that The WHAT and HOW of Adoption Profiles course would be helpful for adoptive couples. It was interesting to compare our profiles after your training to see what tips the couples picked up from your training.

I also really liked the first training, Understanding the Current Generation of Expectant Parents. This was helpful to me as an adoption Social Worker, as well! Adoption has changed so much over the years. It was a good reminder to think about the differences of today’s generation even though I’m not much older than many birth parents.

Thanks for all the work you put into this! It’s a great resource for our families.

Pregnancy, Parenting, and Adoption Social Worker

Thank you Hal…for everything! Ana and I have been amazed by the services you provide. I can’t thank you enough for being a key player on our ‘dream team!’

Bill and Ana

P.S. We plan to adopt more children, so this is not goodbye. 😉

Thanks to Hal and My Adoption Advisor we were able create a new website and run an online ad campaign. We reached a birthmom halfway across the country in 3 months and she placed a beautiful baby boy with us. When we asked her what she liked about the site she mentioned how inviting and warm it was.

Thanks Hal and My Adoption Advisor!

Chris & Jim

My Adoption Advisor’s outreach approach has enabled us to bring a true empowerment philosophy into our adoption services work. Our adoptive families don’t wait with us anymore; they work with us…as active, engaged partners in the adoption process.

We are very pleased with our collaboration with My Adoption Advisor and the positive changes that it has brought to our agency and to the people who come to us for services.

Beth Schwartz
Executive Director of Jewish Family Service of Cincinnati and Adoption Connection

We wanted to share our wonderful news with you. We have been blessed with a sweet baby girl. Her name is Zoey and she was born in February. We had a very fast match and birth. Zoey’s birthmother said that as soon as she saw our profile book she knew we were it. She forced herself to read other profiles, but knew in her heart we were the perfect match for her. We wanted to say thank you very much for all of your wonderful and helpful assistance on our adoption profile. We will continue to recommend you as a great resource in the adoption process.

Wendi & Norb

Well after two years with an agency and a year with a lawyer, it was seven weeks with you that got us matched up! Our son’s birth mother told us that she Googled “loving family in Maryland looking to adopt” and said we kept coming up first in the search.

Jay & Alvin

Someone recommended My Adoption Advisor to us and after the first call with Hal I knew we were in great hands. He took our information, sent emails as promised and gave us “website rookies” easy-to-understand directions in everyday language. I never felt like any question I asked was “dumb” or that I was bugging anyone. Hal’s services were professional, timely (he did our site in one day!) and exactly what we wanted. My husband and I almost laughed at his last email when Hal said,”Let me know if you have any changes.” How could we make any changes to PERFECT!

We are so pleased with the final product, but more importantly we truly felt like we were given undivided attention. We were impressed by the professionalism and Hal’s understanding of just how important this process was to us.

Gidget & John

I wanted to let you know that I took your advice to have people tell people that we are pursuing adoption and my Mom found someone who chose us for her baby. We will be parents in June!


I took one of My Adoption Advisor’s courses, ‘Understanding Expectant Parents.’ It was excellent. It focused on understanding the ‘Millennial Generation’ (20-somethings) so you can create your profile to appeal to them and use social media to attract them. (The median age for birthmothers is 23. I didn’t know that.) It also talks about the family support and how that factors into how your profile should be written and whether an expectant couple will place. This course really goes into detail and presents the latest facts especially on the social media portion. It definitely gave me a new appreciation/understanding of the expectant parents point of view.

I would recommend this course and also signing up for Hal’s emails, twitter feeds and Facebook page. He’s an adoptive parent (twice) with a lot of good information.


The training video was excellent! We made a plan and are beginning to put it into use. I wish we had this knowledge when we were approved a year and a half ago.

The course materials were easy to use and the content was applicable and easy to apply. I actually went through the video two times already and brought away new ideas each time. Thank you so much!


I have had the pleasure of meeting with Hal several times and attending a workshop and viewing one of his online videos. I have been a professional in adoption for 20 years and an adoptive parent for more than 40 years. With all I know about adoption and the adoption process I still learned new things from Hal through both his workshop and video.

Barbara Wentz
Adoption and Pregnancy Counseling Supervisor at Catholic Charities Southwestern Ohio

My partner and I have been waiting for months for a placement and were becoming increasingly frustrated with the domestic adoption process. After attending the webinar, the light bulb finally went off for us.

You make a compelling argument for WHY adoptive families need to be actively involved with their adoption outreach and you explain how to do it. You provided strategic insight, creative ideas, and actionable tools to implement an adoption outreach effort. I came away feeling empowered, motivated, and hopeful.

Kip and Steve

We highly recommend using My Adoption Advisor. We used them specifically to help us develop an adoption website. The website looks great and is extremely consistent with our profile. My Adoption Advisor was very easy to work with, answered all our questions in a timely manner, and completed our website within a week!

Dawn and Dave

We recently had the chance to review Hal Kaufman’s class on Adoption Advertising and Networking. It consists of a narrated slide show and workbook. It takes about 90 minutes to guide listeners toward a practical, personalized adoption outreach plan. The class is highly organized, easy to follow, and succinct. Hal is an excellent teacher, using technology in the best way to get his points across.

I personally liked the suggestions for ‘educating, telling, and asking’ when networking with friends and family. Listening to Hal’s ideas reminded me how we can greatly increase the odds of finding a match with a targeted effort. It is a very empowering presentation.


Thanks so much for the webinar tonight. You gave us a lot of useful information and really got us excited about the outreach process. Our profile is on our agency’s website, but we weren’t sure where else to go from there. Now we have tons of ideas that won’t cost much at all. 🙂

Jenny and John

The adoption referral business has dramatically changed in the Internet era. Our clients often seek agencies after connecting with an adoptive family. Even with all the marketing and advertising we do as an agency, our families can multiply their potential matches exponentially by doing comprehensive outreach.

The services offered by My Adoption Advisor demystify outreach efforts and give families a positive focus while also making them successful adopters. We now require our families to do outreach and to take the training offered by My Adoption Advisor. Wherever their match occurs, we can offer ongoing support and advice and are delighted to see them adopt more quickly than they might if they simply wait for us to generate the referrals.

Susan Ogden
Domestic Infant Program Director, Adoptions Together

The adoption profile webinar last night was wonderful. I’ve read everything out there about profiles and even wrote one in the past that worked, but I still had several ‘ah ha’ moments as I listened.

We recently chose to attend the adoption networking and advertising workshop offered by our adoption agency and conducted by Hal Kaufman of My Adoption Advisor. Let me tell you, it was a great decision!

Wanting to raise a child can be an easy decision, but choosing to adopt a child and going through all of the different steps and facing the different challenges can be very difficult, scary, and intimidating.

After attending this workshop we felt much better about the process and what we needed to and should be doing. It provided us with the tools to help us succeed. We would recommend this program to anyone starting the adoption process.

Thanks Hal!

Wendi & Norb

One of our families said that your webinar was a nice ‘roadmap and framework’ to start the networking process. They were feeling stuck because they didn’t know how to get started, but now they feel like they do. They especially liked the ideas around social networking sites, adoption cards, and handing out profiles.

You do a great job instilling excitement in the adoptive families and helping them see that this is a doable task.

Emily Maxwell
Match Specialist, The Cradle

You give hope and encouragement at a time when it is so easy to just get depressed and anxious.


Hal Kaufman’s My Adoption Advisor training and consulting firm is an excellent resource for adoption agencies.

We contracted with Hal to provide an Adoption Outreach workshop. We really liked the concept of empowering and motivating adoptive families to take a more active role in the adoption process and have less time waiting for an adoption to happen.

We were really pleased with the workshop and follow up. Hal was excellent to work with, was always affable and accessible, and he delivered a quality program.

Valerie Strauss Cunningham
Adoption Director, Catholic Charities Diocese of Winona

Thank you so much for your feedback. After sleeping on it for a night we’ve got all kinds of new ideas about what we can do with our profile. I have no doubt it will be much improved.

Also, I really like your relative ranking format as a way of organizing your comments. It helped highlight the things we need to work on most.

Thank you again! We’ll keep you posted!

Lori and Dave

Before the webinar we had some vague plans to network and outreach, but it was a little scary and we didn’t have a concrete plan.

For the first time in 6 years (since we started planning a family) we now have a real plan. We worked through your Outreach Planning Guide and now we have a 4-step plan with designated names (James and mine) next to each step. It feels awesome and so proactive!

Thank you.

Uma and James

Thirty years of experience enables me to say that My Adoption Advisor is a source of helpful information that will give potential adopters the knowledge and confidence that they can do this. The step-by-step approach of the online training coupled with the personalized services will enable adopters to be proactive instead of waiting for something to happen.

Harvey Schweitzer
Adoption Attorney at the law offices of Schweitzer & Scherr, LLC

When families hear you talk about creating opportunities for luck to find them, how can they not be inspired to do outreach?

Rachel Walstad
Sr. Program Manager, Lutheran Social Service of Minnesota

My wife and I are beginning the adoption process and after attending a Workshop lead by Hal Kaufman, there really was no doubt that we wanted to participate in his adoption profile webinar.

Our profile is our chance to catch someone’s attention enough for them to want to meet with us and consider us as a match for their child. This is a BIG deal and we really learned a great deal about what to do and what not to do when creating our profile. This program is a must for those wanting to create an eye catching profile for the right reasons.

Thanks Hal for your advice and insight!

Wendi & Norb

The information you share is so important. During the webinar you really motivated the families to get going and create their own luck.

Marc Arneson
Adoption Services Coordinator, The Cradle

Our adoptive families have described the outreach training as full of ‘interesting ideas,’ ‘very motivational,’ and ‘very helpful.’

Laura Teeter
Family Specialist, Adoptions Together

The workshop was interesting and relevant the whole time and never dragged the entire day. Everyone left energized and with their own action plan.

Kerry and Rick