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Your attorney, Jennifer Fairfax,
designed 3 wonderful adoption packages for you!

Select the package that best fits your needs.

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1. Adoption Training, Profile, Website, and Advertising Package

Our Campaign Management Service is a monthly service that must be active as long as your campaign is active. Please add one or more months of Campaign Management to your package. This service begins when we activate your campaign.

2. Adoption Website and Advertising Package

Our Campaign Management Service is a monthly service that must be active as long as your campaign is active. Please add one or more months of Campaign Management to your package. This service begins when we activate your campaign.

3. Adoption Training Package

  • Five online adoption courses to get you started off right
  • Use your coupon code and save 10%*

*Please note the following additional costs that are not subject to the 10% discount:

  • Package 1: Profile printing costs $15/each plus approximately $15 shipping per address
  • Packages 1 and 2: Website URL & hosting cost approximately $80 for the first year
  • Packages 1 and 2: Your advertising budget is entirely at your discretion. Most adopting parents invest at least $700/month, but we’ll discuss tradeoffs at different investment levels so you can make the best decision for yourself.


Adoption eLearning Courses

Our courses are available online, on-demand, and for 6 months from your date of purchase so you can watch them multiple times whenever and wherever you can access the Internet. Each course includes the course notes and other downloadable content that allow you to move from awareness of ideas all the way through implementation.

Click on the 5 tabs below to learn more about our courses or visit our Training Page.

Understanding Expectant Parents Course
The Current Generation of Expectant Parents

A solid understanding of prospective birth parents is the foundation on which everything else you do in adoption is built. Start from a position of understanding and empathy, create additional opportunities to connect with the right expectant parents, and be emotionally and intellectually prepared.

Adoption Profiles Course
The WHAT and HOW of Adoption Profiles

Learn how to create an effective adoption profile that garners attention, pulls readers in, and creates many opportunities for connections to develop.

Adoption Advertising & Networking Course
Adoption Advertising & Networking

Develop a personalized adoption advertising and networking plan that you are comfortable with and can afford and that will increase your chances for a faster adoption.

Tips for Talking With Expectant Parents Course
Tips for Talking With Expectant Parents

“Learning by doing” isn’t good enough when it comes to establishing a relationship with prospective birth parents. Avoid the mistakes that could cost you a match. Be prepared to answer their questions, appropriately ask your own, and properly manage each phase of the process–beginning with 1st contact.

Avoid Adoption Scams Course
Identify Red Flags & Avoid Adoption Scams

Learn how to distinguish between potential birth mothers who are trustworthy and those who are simply trying to take advantage of your “I’ll do whatever it takes” desire to adopt.

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Profile Coaching & Graphic Design

Adoption Profile DesignYour profile is the most important element in the adoption process. It must communicate a lot about you within seconds and then pull readers in so they can get to know you better. It must share the right information in a clear and entertaining manner. We’ll work on it as a team!

Your profile will contain your ideas and be in your words, but we’ll help you develop it from start to finish. You will get a print-ready PDF of your adoption profile and we can even facilitate printing and shipping if you wish. We promise that your adoption profile will be as unique as you are in both content and presentation.

More specifically, this is what you can expect from us:

  • We will provide you with a detailed questionnaire to help you formulate your text. Your answers become the foundation for your adoption profile text.
  • We will edit your text to correct spelling and grammar mistakes and ensure that what you are trying to communicate comes through clearly. We will never modify your “voice.”
  • We will provide you with a written guideline about how to select photographs.
  • We will edit your photographs through cropping, red-eye removal, and techniques for improving the color and brightness.
  • We will electronically deliver to you a print-ready, color PDF of your adoption profile. You can take this file to a local printer of your choice or we can get it professionally printed for you (printing costs not included).
  • We will be with you every step of the way whenever you have a question or get stuck.

Learn more about our Coaching & Graphic Design Service.

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Website Development Service

Adoption Website DesignToday’s generation of expectant parents are online learning about adoption and looking for adopting parents. You need to be where they are!

We’ll use your adoption profile to create a website that works and looks great on every screen size (from large monitors to smartphones). We’ll prepare your site with search engine optimization and online advertising in mind to increase your chances for greater exposure. We also take the necessary and often overlooked steps to protect your confidential information when you purchase your website address (information that is typically publicly available online).

Our clients especially value the weekly website traffic reports we send. Each report includes the number of website visitors, how they found your site, which pages they viewed, how long they stayed, and much more. This data is invaluable when measuring the performance of your networking and advertising strategies.

Learn more about our Adoption Website Design & Development Service.

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Online Advertising Services

Adoption Online Advertising With GoogleOur online advertising services are a great way to increase your exposure and bring potential birth parents to your website.

Advertising is an art that requires constant learning so we systematically review all accounts under management and apply what we learn back across the accounts so everyone benefits. We’ve managed in excess of $275,000 in ad spend for more than 100 adopting parents. No one matches our experience.

From keywords, ad copy, landing pages, quality scores, bids, bounce rates, click-through-rates, and much more, we handle it all for you while reporting campaign performance to you each month.

Learn more about our Online Advertising Services.

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